Roll the Rice

Eating healthy doesn’t have to be tasteless and boring. Lately I have started to add a lot more raw food to my diet. This rolls have a mixture of raw and cooked vegetables and together they give a great texture. If you are a high raw eater you could just marinade the mushrooms instead of cooking them, like I did. And of course you could leave out the prawns for a vegan option.

Preparation is key…

-Rice paper – soaked in hot water and layed on a damp cloth ready for use
-Cooked prawns
-Mushrooms – Any kind, either raw or cooked and cooled
-Cucumber – peeled and deseeded and cut in thin strips
-Yellow or orange pepper – cut in thin strips
-Spring onions – chopped
-Mixed salad and fresh herbs of your choice

For the dip:
-Juice of 1 lime
-2tbs fish sauce
-1tbs rice vinager – I used cider vinegar and it was lovely
-2cms grated ginger

Now when it comes to roll it I am quite a novice and the first few rolls were a bit of a disaster but practice makes perfect, or so they say! A tip I learned is not to try to overload it. Put a mix of the ingredients in the middle and roll it away from you tucking the sides tightly as you do it. Run a damp finger over the edges to seal it. Cover with a damp cloth as you do the rest.


You can also add chopped toasted cashew nuts for a bit of crunch!!

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2 Responses to Roll the Rice

  1. These look so tasty, I just love rice paper rolls.

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