Aubergine Wraps

Since cutting out bread from my diet it is amazing how little I miss it. Vegetables have taken a big part in holding a dish together. I find aubergine specially good because it holds it’s shape, you can “mold” it to hold other foods and it can take a lots of strong flavours.

Slice the aubergine thinly length way, sprinkle with salt and leave it for 1 hour or so to withdraw excess water. After this pat dry and in a very hot griddle pan mark the slices. You don’t need to cook it through as it will go in the oven later.

Keep them warm in the oven as you mark them

For this dish I have use beef steak marinated overnight in a teriyaki marinade but you can use any meat, fish or veg of your choice. Seal the beef in a very hot pan.

You may want to leave it a bit pink as it will go in the oven for a bit

Assemble is easy, just wait a bit for it to cool enough to handle and put back in the oven.

It should only take 10 minutes to warm it through

Serve with a young leave salad dressed with some olive oil and good quality balsamic vinegar and sprinkle some Tamari Soya Sauce over the wraps.


A super quick mid-week lunch!

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