Tenerife! I’ll be back!!!

We have spent a couple of Christmas holidays in the beautiful Canary Island of Lanzarote, we love it there but this time we wanted to try something new and chose Tenerife to, I was going to say celebrate the Christmas period but I should really say to escape! Escape the over spending, over eating, over trying to look jolly season… Haha! I am an old Scrooge!!!

For the first part of the trip we went to the right hotel in the wrong area. Close to everything, mainly English bars with cheap beer but luckily a short drive to some, more “Spanish” resorts. For the second part we went to the north of the island, really beautiful and more to my taste although the hotel was not great and I would rip one of those 4 stars with gusto.

I always look for a bit of feedback and recommendations about places to eat and you do find real gems and some expensive mistakes.
Our first one looked promising, in fact we went twice as the first time it was closed, Restaurante Los Abrigos, a seafood extravaganza, we thought, by the sea, in a town sharing it’s name and near the airport. Nice setting, forgettable food, apart for the garlicky clams and no really worth the trip.

View from our table at “Los abrigos”

Second research… Just outside Los Cristianos an unassuming residential area and the sort of place that could have the best rice in the area. We were welcome with a miserable service, croquetas cold inside, most expensive clams ever and a flavourless rice “arroz meloso de bovabante” El Rincón del Arroz to be avoided!! Atmosphere-less and expensive. Meal well over 100 euros and we didn’t have any dessert or coffee.

Thank God for our third choice. All the way up in the north of Tenerife, in a town called San Cristobal de la Laguna, only a short drive up from Santa Cruz de Tenerife we found “La Perica” tapas bar/restaurant. We decided to chance the only bit of rain we had seen in days and sat outside. Lovely food, great service and great local wine recommended by our waiter. I wish a could remember the name of the wine!

A few pics from La Perica 🙂





A mix of likes and dislikes. All forgotten on our way to the airport to catch our flight back to the UK!

La Caleta, Restaurante Piscis!!!

We will go back!

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