My Health & Juice 😊

Last Summer I discovered the great benefits of juicing. It was mainly after watching a TV program about loosing weight that got me interested in giving it a go.
Although loosing weight was not my main objective it is something that I could always benefit from. Now, I am not super slim but I can say proudly that I am a comfortable (most of the time) size 12.
My main interest was and still is, to introduce more fruit and vegetables to my diet, and some super healthy seeds and powders too.
It is being a very interesting journey and it is great to feel that you are giving yourself an extra boost of health and energy.

My all time favourite green smoothie is great because it is tasty and really filling so you won’t need much more than a small snack before lunch

This makes 1 large glass or 2 medium if you want to share.

Juice 2 apples, 2 sticks of celery, half of a medium cucumber, half a lime and 2cms ginger and blend together with a soft avocado. Serve over ice if you find it too thick.


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