Winter Warmers – Morcilla Bomb

Pinto beans with crispy Morcilla

If you are feeling the cold there is nothing better than a plateful of steaming bean stew. You can use a glass jar of good quality “already” cooked beans or soak your own. I like cooking them from scratch by soaking the beans overnight but for this recipe I used a jar of Spanish pinto beans (I do find the pulses sold in the UK have a thicker skin than the Spanish ones)

Simply fry some onion, red or green peppers and garlic gently in olive oil until soft, you can add some chorizo if you wish. Add some chopped herbs, oregano or thyme work best.

Drain the water from the jar and add to the pan with some chopped tomatoes and hot stock (chicken, beef or vegetable)

While your simmer the beans gently, take the skin of a Morcilla, I particularly like to cook the Morcilla (black pudding) made with rice, in Spain is known as “Morcilla de Burgos”. It is less bloody and the rice works great on this dish.
Slice the Morcilla and in a frying pan with a little bit of olive oil, fry it breaking it up with a wooden spoon until crispy.

All you need is a big deep bowl to serve the bean stew with some Morcilla on top.

Perfect with a glass of Rioja wine 😋

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