A little bit of belly

On my “eat healthier” hype lately I have been eating and cooking with as many organic produce as possible. So along with my organic veg box we get an meaty one too. It comes fron Everfield Farm in Devon and every thing, from bacon to joints of meat to sausages is been given the thumbs up.

Yesterday a cooked a lovely piece of pork belly with an amazing perfect crispy skin that you usually only get with top quality meat.

You need to dry roast fennel seeds and black peppercorns

Place in a pestle and mortar and grind with some sea salt

Add lots of garlic, some fresh thyme and a bit of olive oil to make a paste

Rub the mixture all over the flesh and leave to marinade for a few hours or over night

Heat the oven to a high temperature. sprinkle the skin with sea salt and olive oil

Cook on high for 30 minutes before squeezing some lemon over the skin and returning to oven and cooking in a low temp for about 2 hours. And then 30 minutes on high to crisp the skin for perfect crackling

Served with some braised cabbage with apple and balsamic vinegar and roasted sweet potatoes 😋

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