Home made Sushi Virgin

I really cannot believe I had never prepared my own Sushi until today. I do like to buy the odd little tray from Waitrose or Marks and Spencer for my lunch If I am out and about and I like most of them.

I started buying all the ingredients separate but when I saw this Saitaku kit it kind of simpliyed my life as a sushi making novice. Plus it was on a half price offer (£3.49) I couldn’t resist.

The kit serves 2-4 and it comes with everything you need, including a Bamboo rolling mat and chopsticks.

I used carrots, cucumber, salmon, tuna and sesame flavoured omelette.
And it is pretty simple really, you do have full instructions (with pictures) inside the kit.

I will have to give them the thumbs up, even from a fussy teen. 👍

And as a bonus, only 3 of us for lunch today so we have plenty of leftovers for tomorrow’s pack-lunch

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