5-spice Roast Chicken

A tasty midweek recipe for a wet half-term Tuesday.

I had my Ocado shopping delivered yesterday and I was almost surprised to find a whole lovely organic chicken. Yes I did the shop myself, no I am not going mad. But because I booked and started my order last week I kind of forget what is on it. It keeps a certain element of surprise. Such a boring life I live I find it makes me happy 😊

You need a large chicken, stuff the cavity with 1/2 lemon, 1/2 head garlic, some ginger and 1/2 onion. Place on a baking tray on top of some sliced ginger with the other lemon and garlic halves.

Mix five-spice, oil and seasoning and rub or brush over the skin

I added a little water to the tray to stop the ginger burning.

Bake for 1 hour before adding the rest of the onion sliced and a lemon cut in wedges. Add more water if needed


Once the chicken is cooked through, removed to one side and add hoisin sauce, soy sauce and sugar to the cooking juices and heat to mix well. You could add some lemon juice too but I find it to sour with it.

Cut chicken in quarters and place on top of the sauce ready to serve

I served it with fragant rice and steamed spiralized veg

To spiralize the vegetables I strongly recomment a Spiralo from Burch. See past blog post for details https://estheramigo.com/2013/12/10/spiralo-the-great/


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