Home preserved lemons πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›

Since I have started exploring and cooking more international cuisine I have loved the way some, so simple ingredients that you would normally not use on your day to day food can improve so dramatically the taste of a dish.


Yesterday I used some of the lemons I preserved last year to quickly roast a bit of lamb for lunch. It was so nice I didn’t even had the urge to take a picture and that is a rare occurrence this days. πŸ˜‰

All you need is one large glass jar, clean and sterilised. About 10/15 lemons, unwaxed and if possible organic and some sea salt.

Cut the lemons as if you were cutting in quarters but not cutting all the way so they are still attached in one end.
Rub lots of salt all over flesh and skin and start filling your jar by adding some sea salt to the bottom first. You could use any salt for this but I like to rub good quality salt (Maldon) on the lemons and add a cheaper finer salt for the jar. Put your lemons in and pack them really tightly. You will get lots of the juice pouring out of them.
When the jar is almost full, add some more lemon juice if needed and to finish another layer of salt.
Close the jar tightly and place in the fridge upside down for a few days, keep turning round a few times and in 3/5 weeks you should be able to use your first lemon for cooking.

The longest time the lemons are kept the strongest the flavour.
For cooking simply rinse the lemon in cold water, remove the flesh and chop to add to your dish.


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