Sunshine Dreaming

7 days – 7 juices
Day 5

I really missed not having my daily juice yesterday and although I ate plenty of fruit, vegetables and salad I couldn’t wait to get started this morning.

The British winter, although not very cold this year, seem to be lasting forever so I wanted to base my juice around a pineapple and mango from the organic product box I get delivered every week or so.

I started by soaking a handful of cashew nuts overnight in some coconut milk, I use “Koko” milk.

Get the juice from:
1 apple, Golden or Gala
1/2 small pineapple
1 orange, peeled

And then blend in:
1 frozen banana
1 mango
2 tbsp soya yogurt
1tsp Maca powder
1tbsp Flaxseeds
1tsp Raw honey
Add some more coconut milk if you find it too thick

Enough for 1 large smoothie or 2 medium if you want to share.

Add some frozen berries for extra bite and colour. Or to make the juice look yummiest in the photo 😉


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