Fennel Aid

7 days – 7 juices
Day 4

I woke up this morning with a sore tummy and feeling sorry for myself. I still find it slightly amusing how my body is actually craving certain fruits or vegetables that actually are what the body really needs.

This is the case with “fennel”, with a distinctive aniseed-flavour and very useful to help with indigestion and spasms of the digestive track. Added to that the fact that is has twice the vitamin C of an orange and a lot of calcium.

And it tastes lovely cooked too!!!

Ingredients for todays mega healthy greenie:
1/4 small cucumber, peeled if not organic
2 inch Broccoli stalk + 1 floret
1/4 medium fennel, leaves and all
1 apple, Golden or Gala
1 stick celery
1 handful of kale
1/4 lime, peeled

Put everything in the juicer chute, make sure the kale is well packed between the other items to get the most juice out of it.

And serve in a wine glass if you want to feel extra special 😉


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