Energy Chia Balls – Bolitas energéticas de chia

🇬🇧A quick and easy, not cooking recipe to give you some much needed energy before or after a workout. And they keep in the fridge for a couple of weeks, although they are so yummy they won’t last that long.
In a food processor mix dried apricots, almond butter and melted coconut oil, pulse it a bit before adding chia seeds and ground almonds. Shape into balls and roll in chia and sesame seeds. Leave to cool in the fridge and should be ready to eat in two hours.
🇪🇸Una receta rápida y fácil que no necesita cocinar que te dará la energía necesaria antes o despues del gimnasio. Y las puedes tener en la nevera dos semanas, aunque estan tan ricas que no duraran tanto.
En un robot de cocina añade albaricoques secos, mantequilla de almendra y aceite de coco derrerida, mezclalo un poco antes de añadir las semillas de chia y almendras molidas. Prepararla masa en forma de bola y cubrelas con semillas de chia y sésamo. Dejalas en la nevera un par de horas y listas para comer.

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Cauliflower base pizza – Pizza con base de coliflor (No gluten)

🇬🇧Looking for a gluten free option to cook pizza I came across several recipes using broccoli, sweet potato or this one with cauliflower.

To serve 2

1/2 cauliflower, only the florets, in a food processor until it looks like couscous and then cooked for a few minutes until soft.

Drain it well through a clean tea towel when cool enough. Mix the cauliflower with 50g ground almonds, 1tbs dried oregano, salt and pepper. Lay flat on a baking tray lined with greaseproof paper and bake for 18/20 minutes till golden.

🇪🇸Buscando opciones sin gluten para preparar pizza he encontrado varias recetas que usan brécol, batata o esta con coliflor.

Para 2 personas

1/2 coliflor, solo las flores, en un robot de cocina pulsala hasta que parezca couscous y cuecela unos minutos hasta que este blandita.

Cuelala bien usando un paño limpio cuando este lo suficientemente fría. Mezcla la coliflor con 50g de almendras molidas, 1 cucharada de oregano seco y sal y pimienta. En una bandeja de horno cubierta con papel vegetal pon la masa de coliflor en una capa fina y hornea unos 18/20 minutos hasta que este dorada.

Cauliflower – Coliflor

Oven ready base – Base lista para hornear

Toppings of your choice – Tus ingredientes favoritos
I have used pear, red onion, walnut y gorgonzola dolce and finished it off with a handful of rocket!
Yo he usado pera, cebolla morada, nueces y gorgonzola dulce con rucula!


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Baked Avocado Egg – The perfect breakfast

Since starting my healthy eating “trying” to eat mainly a vegetarian diet, avocados are one of my must have at home at all times food.

Like bananas they are so easy and quick to use and eat on their own or in smoothies, toast, “sweet” treats…

The breakfast today way an avocado half with a baked egg inside, simply remove the stone and about a tablespoon of the meat. Break an egg carefully inside, salt and pepper and bake for about 15 minutes.

I served mine with a salsa made with the reserved avocado, 1 tomato (peeled, seeded and chopped), half a small onion (chopped) and a squeezed of lime and some homemade tortilla chips.

A great little kitchen gadget I bought recently that honestly I was not sure it would work but it most definitely does is this set of avocado keepers. If like me you find a whole avocado to much for one meal these are perfect. And it comes as a pair in 2 sizes.


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Jerusalem artichokes and raw watercress soup 🇪🇸Puré de alcachofas de Jerusalén y berros crudos

I can’t believe that the last time I posted something on the blog was October, where has the time gone?? But with Christmas out of the way and a New Year full of possibilities I am ready to go!

What is the best way to start on a wintery wet January day that with a new recipe perfect for my “Soup Season Series” I had this Jerusalem Artichokes in the pantry for a few days not really sure what to use them for but after buying a lovely bunch of organic watercress lunch was ready in no time.


You will need:
650g Jerusalem Artichokes, peeled and chopped
1 medium potato, peeled and chopped
1 leek, chopped
1 garlic clove, chopped
1/2 a lime
Vegetable Stock (optional)
Bunch of watercress
Almonds to serve (optional)

In a pot add to boiling water or stock all the ingredients but the watercress and almonds. Squeeze the half lime and leave it in the pan, it gives it a lovely flavour but remember to remove it before blending.
After cooking for 20/25 minutes put the clean watercress in a blender (I use a Vitamix), add the cooked vegetables with some of the liquid and blend adding more liquid if needed. Add salt and pepper if needed and serve with toasted almonds and a few watercress leaves.

650g Alcachofas de Jerusalèn, peladas y trozeadas
1 patata mediana, pelada y trozeada
1 puerro, trozeado
1 diente de ajo, trozeado
1/2 lima
Caldo de verduras (opcional)
Un manojo de berros
Almendras para servir (opcional)

En una cazuela con agua caliente o caldo añade todos los ingredientes menos los berros y almendras. Esprime el zumo de media lima y deja la cascara con las verduras, le da un sabor muy rico pero recuerda sacarla antes de pasarlo por la batidora.
Después de 20/25 minutos cociendo pon los berros limpios en el vaso de la batidora (Yo uso una Vitamix), añade las verduras y parte del caldo, añade más caldo si hace falta. Sal y pimienta al gusto y almendras tostadas y hojitas de berro para servir.

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Soup Season – Moroccan Spiced Cauliflower Soup

And suddenly the cold rainy weather gets underway and the best, and cheapest, way to warm up is with a wholesome soup.

I would have loved to use homegrown cauliflowers but my garden and it’s bugs had a different idea and I didn’t manage to grow any. 😳

All you need is a small cauliflower, onion, red pepper, vegetable stock, olive oil, spices of your choice and almonds

Gently fry the onion before adding the spices, I used Ras el Hanout and the cauliflower florets. Mix well until the cauliflower is well coated.

If using fresh red pepper add now too. I had some home roasted peppers left over from yesterday so I added them to straight to the blender.

Pour some hot vegetable stock into the pan, cover and cook for 30 minutes or until soft. Blend and check seasoning.

Serves Two with toasted almonds and a drizzle of good quality olive oil.

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Baked Figs

So you are in a bit of a hurry and fancy something tasty for lunch?
You need only some figs, cured ham (I used Serrano Ham) and some cheese (I used Reblochon)

Cut the figs in half length way and do a deep cut in the flesh, put some cheese in the open part, add a sprinkle of fresh ground pepper and wrap a slice of ham around it. Secure with some rosemary or a cocktail stick.
Brush with some olive oil and bake 15/20 minutes.

Serve with warm crusty bread and a glass of Rioja wine.

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Green shots to health

One of my pet hates is wasting food and I find the freezer a great friend when it comes to help me speed up the smoothie making proccess.
So when I find I have overbought the green stuff, this time it was kale, I make shots and freeze them till I need them.
Here I used tons of kale blended with freshly juiced apple and celery and added super food wheatgrass and omega oil. Freeze in ice cube trays or plastic shot glasses.

Sometimes I add the shots to smoothies but they work great as a smoothie/juice chaser too 😋


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